‘Mani Square is doing better by the years. It is a ‘one of a kind’ mall in this part of the city. Moreover this mall shall invite more visitors with improvements in connectivity and with the coming in of the metro railways.'

Mr. Gautam Jatia, Starmark, Mani Square


‘The Mani brand has changed the skyline of the city.’

Mr. Shiv Daswani, Partner Little Shop


“I stay in USA and come to Kolkata once in a year. Whenever I am in Kolkata, I ensure my visit to Mani Square since I feel at home here. The structure of this mall is similar to what we have in US but I never expected so organized mall-culture in Kolkata before I was introduced to Mani square. This is exotic and I love coming here with my family and friends."

Visitor, M. Dhritiman Ghosh, Assistant professor,
University of Tennessee, USA


"It has got extreme location advantage. I come along with all of my friends at least twice in a month. We love the food court ambience and the foods are delicious. It is easy to spend an entire leisure day within one stop mall like this. Also, we shop a lot."

Visitor, Jayati BanerjeeMBA student